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Born into a legacy.
Focused on a new perspective.


meet karina

Hi!  I’m Karina.  I am a designer, diamond expert, and fourth generation jeweler.

I was born into this industry and developed my passion for it watching my father behind the counter and at the jewelry bench of one of our family’s jewelry stores.  Soon after finishing college, I joined my father and brothers in the family business to continue the legacy of craft and service built by our great grandfather.  My years in the store honed my expertise in the trade, but more importantly they taught me where my strengths and interests reside. I preferred creating over managing inventory and interacting with clients over simply making sales.    


When my life moved to Brooklyn in 2011, it was time to double down on those interests.  Fortunately, the wedding bug had just bitten my circle of city friends and I became the go-to girl for their jewelry needs.  Several years, referrals, and GIA certifications later, I launched Karina Noel to provide a resource for anyone who values meaningful pieces of fine jewelry, convenience, and personal service.  I have the technical expertise, experience, and a strong network of personally vetted fabricators and dealers to create and source beautiful jewelry for my clients without the uncertainty of a large online retailer. 

Here is a full description of my services.  Or simply send me a note - I’m here to help!

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why karina noel?


I work with some of the best fabricators, artisans and wholesale jewelers in the business to guarantee that you are in the best of hands. Every piece of jewelry I create or source for you is held to the highest standards and I carefully check it before presenting it to you.


Not having a physical store means I can meet you at times and locations that work best for you. If you’re in the NYC area and prefer to come to me, you can do that too! I utilize a handful of offices around the city specifically reserved for private meetings. 


Without the overhead and daily distractions associated with running a brick-and-mortar store, I am able to offer you my full attention, streamline my operations to maximize efficiency, and provide the fairest prices.

Ring drawings in banner image, by @joshbfeld